Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fall 2013 Anime Forecast

So, I realized a few days ago that I just got my hands on episode 10 of Blood Lad, which means that Summer has been going on for at least 10 weeks, and since seasons are typically 13 weeks long, that means the Fall was coming up.  So I looked up a chart for the Fall 2013 anime lineup, and if the chart I found is to be trusted, there are more than a couple shows for me to look forward to in the coming months :)

Right out of the gate--GODDAMN BLAZBLUE?!  Yes, friends, goddamn BlazBlue is getting a run at anime this season.  If that last sentence didn't mean anything to you, allow me to enlighten.

BlazBlue [full name- BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger] is a 2d fighting game by Arc System Works (makers of Guilty Gear and Persona 4: Arena).  The game, like its predecessor Guilty Gear has had many sequels and spinoffs (BlazBlue: Continuum Shift, Continuum Shift II, Continuum Shift Extend, and Chrono Phantasma) in its 5 year run.

As much as I love BlazBlue, I have never actually owned one of the games (though I own Persona 4: Arena and a few Guilty Gears), and plots to fighting games have always acted a little like greased eels to me, so I think we can all just rely on the official synopsis here for BlazBlue: Alter Memory.

Next there's a rehash of Yozakura Quartet, which was a show that I have mentioned more than once and really enjoyed in 2008.  The primary difference, aside from the promised new original scenes (whatever that means), is different animators.

While the original was animated by Nomad studios (whose most notable other works is the Rozen Maiden series), this reboot, Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta is being done by Tatsunoko Productions, people responsible for such productions as Gatchaman,and Superbook. At first I was a little discouraged by this, but then I noticed that they also did the Yozakura Quartet OVAs - Hoshi no Umi, which I thought was really quite good.  Some parts of the look of it were a little squirrely, but I thought it was quite largely passable.

I'll tell you what I'd really like, if they'd rehash the series but stick closer to Suzuhito Yasuda's art style, the way they did for Durarara!!

There's a second season of Infinite Stratos, which I will certainly watch, since I enjoyed the original.  Staying true to form, though, I won't dwell too long on a sequel, but I will pass a hearty recommendation for the original to anyone who enjoys mecha-harem-comedy hybrids.  (The original series is available in english on DVD and Blu-ray)

Lastly, there is Diabolik Lovers, what I can only assume is going to be a romantic drama with ghosts and vampires.  Except the vampires are sadistic deuchebags, which I had ZERO issue with.  I think this is going to be like Vampire Knight, except better.

Originally a visual novel for the PSP, the adaptation is being animated by Zexcs, who also did My-HiME and THE LEGEND OF THE LEGENDARY GODDAMN HEROES!!! (*ahem*, The Legend of the Legendary Heroes is one of my favorite  Needless to say, I am on freaking board with this one :D

God dammit Fall is my favorite season!

The full chart can be found at