Friday, August 21, 2015

Looking for Support to Get my Novel Published.

Hey guys,

So I know it's been half-past forever since I posted anything on this blog (to be honest, I've been swamped with school and work and have only really been watching Sword Art Online and Space Dandy) but there's something near and dear to me that I want to talk to you all about.

Ever since I was in the fourth grade I've had a dream of being a published author. For some reason, the idea of having a novel out there on bookshelves really appealed to me. So, I started out writing crappy stories (borderline fanfiction...or maybe not so borderline) on composition notebooks about trademarked characters (like Link [LoZ], Crono [Chrono Trigger], and Kain [Final Fantasy IV]) doing...nothing of any real importance.

BUT, as time wore on and I kept plugging away (on my own material, obviously), I got better at writing. I read a crap-ton of fantasy and took some fiction writing classes at college and I have gotten even better.

So now I found that the Nerdist is running a contest on Inkshares (a crowdfunding publishing thing) that will publish the drafts (posted between the 15th of August and the 30th of September) that get the most readers (people that preorder the book) and promote them and what-have you. So I thought, what the hell. The worst thing that can happen is I don't get published RIGHT NOW (I can always send it in to Tor when it's done).

So I put myself out there and posted the first chapter of my budding novel Signs in Steel. I would appreciate it if all you awesome ladies and gentlemen would check it out, maybe hook me up with a preorder, or just tell your fantasy-reading friends about it. I would consider it a personal favor.


Thank you, and happy reading.

Also here's an anime I can keep my anime blog street cred.

Ha ha, I'm just kiddin'. Here's a real picture

I can't help myself. But seriously, though (Yozakura Quartet is my f'ing jam. I need it to come back). Here's a gif

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