Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Lost Christmas in July

The title may be a little squirrely, so I'll make this as simple as possible.



If you know me personally or are from the future and have read my top 10 anime post I plan on making, you know that Guilty Crown is one of my favorite shows ever, probably my single favorite mech show (though that may be debatable since mechs are IN IT, but not really focal).

Guilty Crown has been called the unofficial Code Geass season 3, for good reason.  There are some parts of it that are reminiscent of Code Geass-- Japan being occupied by a foreign power, a military power focused on ground-based robots, etc.

To put it simply, Guilty Crown is a show that I LOVE and I'm super pumped for it being released in the states (shut up and take my money, Funimation!) and WATCH IT!

Guilty Crown is a show from Fall 2011, directed by Tetsuro Araki, whose most notable work to date is Attack on Titan the show that everybody is going nuts about right now.  It was also written by one Hiroyuki Yoshino, the writer of the aforementioned Code Geass

You can preorder the limited edition part 1 of this masterpiece on Amazon.com for $66.99 and part 2 for $44.99, though I have to say I'm a little apprehensive of Funimation's choice of voice actors.  The vast majority of them are names with which I don't readily identify.  On the flip side, I'm also really happy for Funimation for branching out from their routine of throwing the same handful of VAs at every show they get.  So, tip of the hat, but if this turns out to be another fiasco like the guy they cast to voice Gray in Fairy Tail, I'mma shank a bitch!

Do yourself a service and get your hands on Guilty Crown this August (though I'm probably gonna wait for the price to go down some XD)

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