Sunday, December 1, 2013

Blazblue: Alter Memory

Alright friends, I can't avoid this any more.  It's time to talk about Blazblue: Alter Memory.

Now, you may remember me being really excited about this show back in September.  In fact, it was maybe my #2 most anticipated show for the season (right behind Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta).  I've been watching the episodes semi-regularly as they air and I'm saddened to say that I'm left...unfulfilled.

And now I will make my customary disclaimer and say that the show is not bad per se, but it's really not great.  I think that making Blazblue into a coherent anime was a very ambitious goal from the start.  From what I understand, and from what I've seen in the show, the world of Blazblue has a complex and convoluted lore that we, the players/viewers are just supposed to kinda roll with, and it gets really confusing, really quickly.

Sometimes it reminds me of those scenes in Evangelion where Gendo gets together with the guys from Seele and they talk about what's really going on in the show, but they throw around a bunch of confusing jargon that only they understand (which makes sense, because if they all get it, than why explain it?)  In fact, there happens to be a scene in the third episode that's almost exactly like that.

This one, to be exact

Despite all of this, however, I have stuck with the show and am piecing together a rough idea of what the fresh hell is going on.  It's not fully comprehensive, but it's enough to go on, and I will continue to stick with Blazblue: Alter Memory for 2 reasons:

Does anyone else see the...irony(?) of a cat with all the powers of the internet?
1- It's cool, if absolutely nothing else.  The fighting is really cool to watch (I should hope so, considering it's based off of a fighting game), and I've always liked the flavor of magic-punk feudal/futury aesthetic that Blazblue employs.  I also find myself enjoying a lot of the characters--even the ones I didn't really care for in the game).

2- I feel that this show suffers from what I like to call "Guy Ritchie Syndrome".  It's got a bunch of characters running around doing a bunch of different things, which is very confusing to watch, but then it gets to the end and everything clicks together
(So...fingers crossed there!)

Also, for the love of GOD, Hazama...please never take your hat off again, you look like an idiot.

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