Monday, June 24, 2013

Something Something Danger Zone

Why?  Why do subbing groups feel it necessary to translate the words to songs?  Openings and endings are okay, because there's not really anything else important going on at the time, but I really hate it when important dialogue gets lost because the scene in question is set over music.  Sure, maybe it's just the quality of my video player that I can't get both lines of subtitles, but...just whyyyyyyy?

The worst part about it, is that scenes are typically set over music when they're IMPORTANT, or at least when something big is happening, and nothing kills the atmosphere more than not knowing what the hell is going on.

Exempli gratia, I was watching the [spoiler spoiler] section in episode 10 of Devil Survivor 2 and things were getting real intense, and a song starts to play in the background.  I got no beef with this, it usually works pretty well ( English dubs or when subbed properly), but then the lyrics to the song come up where dialogue should be.  So Hibiki's talking and "I murmur to a city drenched in red" comes up.  I pause for a second, then I'm like "that's not what he said >__>"

So, to all the subbing groups.  Just...stop it.  You're killing me here

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